Jelly Defense

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, lived a proud and peaceful Jelly nation on the world of Diploglobe. Then one day, everything changed. Kiwi Halvas darkened the sky and an unprecedented invasion began! Join the Jelly forces and lead them to glory in a fierce battle against these alien invaders.

Look at these poor little creatures. They trust you, they believe in you, they rely on you. Can you refuse those big faithful eyes (or eye)? You’re their only hope.

Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory and save the Diploglobe and Jelly nation. They’ll be marching down the roads in search of your stockpile of green gems. Your job is to keep them from reaching them.

Your main line of defense in the battle is an assortment of defense towers, which you will place along the route. Each type of tower has a different cost and defensive capability, so be careful in your choice and placement of each one in order to maximize their efficiency.

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Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a challenging, physics-based game complete with multi-touch controls, detailed animated graphics, and a lively soundtrack. Prepare for hours of addictive fun as you strive to help Swampy bathe while collecting his beloved rubber duckies and other special items along the way.

The entertaining story of Swampy the Alligator unfolds as you play. He’s cute, he’s funny, and he seriously needs a bath. But the subterranean world is conspiring against him: algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps are all waiting to divert the water and snuff out his innocent duckies. He needs your help!

Your finger acts as a power shovel in this game–just swipe the screen and blaze a trail through the muck and grime. Swipe, slosh, and splash to guide the water through increasingly challenging scenarios and into Swampy’s pipe.

Unlike most gators, our hero hates to get dirty. To clean up right, Swampy will need soap, shampoo, loofahs, and more. Collect Swampy’s grooming items to unlock bonus levels. Gather all the rubber duckies on each level and tap around to locate more surprises. Earn nearly 30 achievements and score bonus points based on your time, ducks collected, and water overflows.

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Send forth the mighty and propeller-cap powered Gustave and Amelia. Up, up, and away they shall bravely go in this fast-paced, vertical-scrolling game. Using your Android device’s accelerometer, help Gustave and Amelia escape from the nefarious laboratory of Professor Dhoum.

Professor Dhoum’s lab is a futuristic world of gadgets and robots. Navigate Amelia or Gustave as their hats propel them upwards by tilting your device left or right. They need to collect as many colored coins as possible during their conquest to the top while also avoiding the harmful creations of Professor Dhoum.

Power-ups make the escape easier. Bombs will blow up enemies. Magnets will attract treasures, and the Treasurifier turns enemies into fuel orbs. No one wants to transform into a fuel orb. Shields protect you from bad stuff. All Power-ups are upgradable for additional heli-awesomeness.

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Raptor Rage

Imagine the dismay when Ricky the Raptor and his other dino-friends found their pleasant, barbaric existence interrupted by civilized farmers and their buffoonish animals. Take over the farm in this animated, arcade-style shooting game for your Android device.

Ricky the Raptor invades the farm that so inconsiderately destroyed the lush forest he once called home–and he’s armed and dangerous.

Ill-tempered and over-fed, these fat and unhappy farm animals bounce around the screen trying to squash Ricky and his gun. Swipe your finger across the screen to dodge the bouncing beasts and tap the screen to shoot them.

What’s more dangerous than a gun-toting dinosaur? How about a single KillaGorilla that mutates into two KillaGorillas when shot, and then three, and then-oh no-four! It gets harder before it gets easier. Shoot the gigantic animal leader and it splits into two slightly smaller versions. Shoot one of those and it may turn into two even more slightly smaller versions. Fire away until they’ve diminished into their smallest, weakest form.

These aren’t your typical farm animals. They are lead by six tyrannical animal leaders that you must destroy: Raging Bull, Black Sheep, Blu-Ba-Boon, KillaGorilla, Top Croc, and finally the mighty Swamp Lord.

Dinosaurs can’t just march into civilization and think they can rule the roost. Ricky the Raptor must progress through three worlds, each with 20 levels and one seriously tough farm animal to defeat. And don’t rest too early; more level packs are coming soon.

Raptor Rage supports OpenFeint so submit your high scores to the leaderboards, earn achievements, and join other players worldwide fighting for Ricky.

Disclaimer: No farm animals are harmed during the playing of this game. They don’t feel a thing. There’s not even any blood. It’s fun and appropriate for everyone!

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Blast Monkeys Game Free Download and Play

Launch Moki from the moving cannon into the bundle of bananas. Our hero’s path to banana bliss is not always easy. Help him move through spinning platforms, canons, and rubber walls. You can even launch Moki into a bubble that sends him floating. Pop it just in time to place him right where he needs to be.

Ultimately, reaching the banana bundle is the ideal destination. Succeed, and you will earn the opportunity to move to the next level, but Moki doesn’t like to leave bananas behind. Depending on your trajectory, you can pick up an additional three bananas on your way to the bundle. Collectthem all and earn the highest score.

Gathering the three bananas requires special strategy and skill. If you use the obstacles to your advantage, while avoiding the hazards and earn Moki the banana trifecta, you collect 15 MokiCoins.

Moki Coins are a virtual currency used to buy and unlock things in Blast Monkeys. Moki Coins cannot be bought–they must earned. Get them by earning three bananas or by completing the tasks in the Earn MC screen.

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Happy Vikings Game Download

Handy-Games returns to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting Android gaming community with their latest wild adventure, Happy Vikings. Normally the word “happy” isn’t associated with the pillaging and mayhem the Viking raiders inflicted upon medieval Europe, but don’t let historical truth dissuade you from this rollicking game of juggling chests of gold, barrels of booze, and legs of mutton. Behind the wacky anime-style animation and jolly Nordic grins is a very challenging game requiring quick reflexes and even quicker logic.

Happy Vikings delivers on its jovial title. You’re fresh from a successful mission of ransacking monasteries and putting villages to flame. Now you face the challenging task of loading your dragon boat with all the booty you’ve absconded with. Your Viking band has come up with a very quick loading system that works even better than forklifts. They simply catapult the goods onto the boat!

Your job is to push, carry, and toss the merchandise into proper order. When you push or stack at least three alike items in a row, they vanish, and you rack up the points. What could be easier?

Sorry to break it to you, my Norse friend, but this job is tougher than it looks. You have a limited amount of time to get this merchandise stowed away. Each level gets more hectic, with the catapult firing away more and more items. You’ll be scrambling faster than a terrified peasant as the stacks of goods get higher and higher.

Thank Odin there are plenty of opportunities to hit those combos and earn bonuses. Get your stacking pattern right, and you’ll be earning the favor of the gods with awesome lightning bolts and magical runes. Try the marathon Valhalla mode to see how long you can last. Happy Vikings is also integrated with OpenFeint and Facebook. Earn more than 40 achievements, compare scores with Vikings all over the world, and terrorize the civilized world.

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Fruit Ninja Free – the most satisfying fruit game ever

Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash.

Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three games modes in single player and worldwide leaderboards using Openfeint, the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores.

Fruit Ninja features three packed gameplay modes – Classic, Zen and the new Arcade, featuring powerups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score! The bonus Dojo section includes unlockable blades and backgrounds, and you can also unlock achievements and post scores to the online leaderboards with Openfeint.

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Trial Xtreme

Grab your motorbike, strap on your helmet, and buckle your proverbial seatbelt. Trial Xtreme provides a realistic ride on the wild side through 60 3-D levels of breathtaking motorcycle adventures.

Speed Demon Heaven

Slake your thirst for speed as you attempt to surmount the track obstacles using the touch screen and accelerometer. To navigate the courses, you can choose button or tilt control. Develop your biking skills as you jump, climb, and flip your way through urban and wilderness courses. Try to achieve the quickest time possible on each increasingly challenging level and become the world champion. You can also enable music and effects.

Dirt, Concrete, Ramps, and Whoops

This app ain’t for wimps. It provides such a realistic virtual riding experience that it’s difficult not to cringe when you bite the dust, which you inevitably will a time or two. The rag doll crashes don’t help either. But when you do hit those ramps and whoops perfectly, it’s all the more satisfying.

Bragging Rights

Speaking of satisfying, you can post your high scores on OpenFeint. Compete with friends and earn achievements too. Trial Xtreme has everything you could want in a virtual motocross experience…all without risking a trip to the emergency room.

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Asphalt HD Game Play and Download

Asphalt HD, the high-octane street racing game from Gameloft, is rocketing onto your Android device! Race your dream car in the streets of some of the world’s most beautiful cities, wreaking havoc and scoring cash (and chicks) along the way. Amazing graphics and intense gameplay are just the beginning–you can modify your hot rod and unlock awesome new features as you progress from level to level.

This high-concept app offers two different game versions, depending on the capabilities of your Android device. For high-resolution devices, Asphalt 5 offers world-class graphics. For lower-end phones, Asphalt 3: Street Rules is a great fit. No matter which version you play, it’s a win-win situation.

Asphalt 5, the version built for high-resolution devices, is a top-of-the-line street racing game, featuring the hottest cars, most beautiful locales, and fastest gameplay around. Climb into the driver’s seat of more than 30 vehicles from prestigious manufacturers: you’ll start in a MINI Cooper or Nissan 370Z and progress to a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati, and many more.

Race on the streets of 12 unique locations–including St. Tropez, Aspen, and Las Vegas–with varied track surfaces, strategic shortcuts, and spectacular jumps. Cut tight corners and run your rivals off the road using your device’s accelerometer, the game’s steering wheel simulator, or by tapping the left and right sides of the screen. Eight different racing events will keep you coming back for more: with names like “Cop Chase,” “Duel Mode,” “Last Man Standing,” and “Escape,” who wouldn’t want to try their luck?

If you want to pimp your ride (and of course you do), there’s an incredible amount of options for tricking out your dream car. Add flashy decals, shiny new rims, speed boosts, and much more as you progress through the game–the more cash you earn, the more you can mod your wheels.

Asphalt 3: Street Rules

If you use a lower-end phone (one that runs Android’s 2.1 operating system or less), Asphalt 3: Street Rules is the version for you. This game puts you on the streets of San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Honolulu, Tokyo, Rome, Bombay, and Las Vegas–more than enough to satisfy your racing mojo for quite some time. Its graphics may not match Asphalt 5’s glitzy onslaught, but the retro, arcade-style effects are still charming–and quite impressive.

You’ll be driving the hottest racing machines as you earn the respect of the underworld–and make a fortune–by taking on challenges in five different racing modes. Work toward higher levels and unlock amazing vehicles ranging from the MINI Cooper S to the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder (and even two motorcycles). You can modify up to 16 parts of your vehicle to turn it into an unbeatable hot rod.

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Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom

Some little piggies go to the market, while other little piggies stay home, but these pigs are all grown up and ready for war. Follow these four heroes of ham through fiery puzzles and save the pig world from certain doom. Use brains, brawn, and bacon to stop the Aporkalypse in Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom on your Android device (not optimized for all tablets).

The Pig Problem

The world has a pig problem. According to an old prophecy, the four Pigs of Doom should proclaim the end of the world in a distant future–but something went terribly wrong and the gates of Heaven and Hell have already opened. Now it’s up to the greedy Hunger Pig, the heavily armed War Pig, the controlling Pest Pig, and the ghostly Death Pig to stop this madness.

Know Your Pigs

• Hunger Pig: This guy’s got a healthy appetite and can swallow objects and cough them up again elsewhere. This is a great skill for building bridges or activating tricky buttons.

• War Pig: This pig is heavily armed and is not to be messed with. He can shoot at enemies or through targets to clear the way.

• Pest Pig: Enemies should watch out for this nasty stink. When an opponent touches the plague cloud surround this pig, you gain control over the enemy and can move it around.

• Death Pig: This ghoul of a pig reveals the souls of the dead. After an enemy dies, Death Pig teleports to its location in ghost form.

Travel Through Dangerous Puzzles

Lead the pigs through a collapsing world full of puzzles and dangers. Combine their supernatural powers and find unforeseen riches. Don’t cast pearls before swine, but collect coins for your piggy bank. Send angels and demons back to where they belong. Nobody can escape the wrath of the pigs.

Push the Piggy

Controlling your Piggy is simple. Just tap on a pig to select it and touch anywhere on the screen to move the pig towards your desired direction. You can also choose to use the on-screen D-Pad to maneuver around each environment. Push objects out of your way by simply running into them. Once you progress through this Aporkalypse, you’ll be able to switch between multiple pigs. Tap on the switch icon to jump between the available pigs. Scroll freely across each level by tapping on the spyglass icon. This can help you plan out your swine strategy as you make your way across each level.

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