Trial Xtreme

Grab your motorbike, strap on your helmet, and buckle your proverbial seatbelt. Trial Xtreme provides a realistic ride on the wild side through 60 3-D levels of breathtaking motorcycle adventures.

Speed Demon Heaven

Slake your thirst for speed as you attempt to surmount the track obstacles using the touch screen and accelerometer. To navigate the courses, you can choose button or tilt control. Develop your biking skills as you jump, climb, and flip your way through urban and wilderness courses. Try to achieve the quickest time possible on each increasingly challenging level and become the world champion. You can also enable music and effects.

Dirt, Concrete, Ramps, and Whoops

This app ain’t for wimps. It provides such a realistic virtual riding experience that it’s difficult not to cringe when you bite the dust, which you inevitably will a time or two. The rag doll crashes don’t help either. But when you do hit those ramps and whoops perfectly, it’s all the more satisfying.

Bragging Rights

Speaking of satisfying, you can post your high scores on OpenFeint. Compete with friends and earn achievements too. Trial Xtreme has everything you could want in a virtual motocross experience…all without risking a trip to the emergency room.

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