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Launch Moki from the moving cannon into the bundle of bananas. Our hero’s path to banana bliss is not always easy. Help him move through spinning platforms, canons, and rubber walls. You can even launch Moki into a bubble that sends him floating. Pop it just in time to place him right where he needs to be.

Ultimately, reaching the banana bundle is the ideal destination. Succeed, and you will earn the opportunity to move to the next level, but Moki doesn’t like to leave bananas behind. Depending on your trajectory, you can pick up an additional three bananas on your way to the bundle. Collectthem all and earn the highest score.

Gathering the three bananas requires special strategy and skill. If you use the obstacles to your advantage, while avoiding the hazards and earn Moki the banana trifecta, you collect 15 MokiCoins.

Moki Coins are a virtual currency used to buy and unlock things in Blast Monkeys. Moki Coins cannot be bought–they must earned. Get them by earning three bananas or by completing the tasks in the Earn MC screen.

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