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Handy-Games returns to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting Android gaming community with their latest wild adventure, Happy Vikings. Normally the word “happy” isn’t associated with the pillaging and mayhem the Viking raiders inflicted upon medieval Europe, but don’t let historical truth dissuade you from this rollicking game of juggling chests of gold, barrels of booze, and legs of mutton. Behind the wacky anime-style animation and jolly Nordic grins is a very challenging game requiring quick reflexes and even quicker logic.

Happy Vikings delivers on its jovial title. You’re fresh from a successful mission of ransacking monasteries and putting villages to flame. Now you face the challenging task of loading your dragon boat with all the booty you’ve absconded with. Your Viking band has come up with a very quick loading system that works even better than forklifts. They simply catapult the goods onto the boat!

Your job is to push, carry, and toss the merchandise into proper order. When you push or stack at least three alike items in a row, they vanish, and you rack up the points. What could be easier?

Sorry to break it to you, my Norse friend, but this job is tougher than it looks. You have a limited amount of time to get this merchandise stowed away. Each level gets more hectic, with the catapult firing away more and more items. You’ll be scrambling faster than a terrified peasant as the stacks of goods get higher and higher.

Thank Odin there are plenty of opportunities to hit those combos and earn bonuses. Get your stacking pattern right, and you’ll be earning the favor of the gods with awesome lightning bolts and magical runes. Try the marathon Valhalla mode to see how long you can last. Happy Vikings is also integrated with OpenFeint and Facebook. Earn more than 40 achievements, compare scores with Vikings all over the world, and terrorize the civilized world.

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