Send forth the mighty and propeller-cap powered Gustave and Amelia. Up, up, and away they shall bravely go in this fast-paced, vertical-scrolling game. Using your Android device’s accelerometer, help Gustave and Amelia escape from the nefarious laboratory of Professor Dhoum.

Professor Dhoum’s lab is a futuristic world of gadgets and robots. Navigate Amelia or Gustave as their hats propel them upwards by tilting your device left or right. They need to collect as many colored coins as possible during their conquest to the top while also avoiding the harmful creations of Professor Dhoum.

Power-ups make the escape easier. Bombs will blow up enemies. Magnets will attract treasures, and the Treasurifier turns enemies into fuel orbs. No one wants to transform into a fuel orb. Shields protect you from bad stuff. All Power-ups are upgradable for additional heli-awesomeness.

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